We are ready to salt and roast your raw materials in our equipment and production facilities. We work with both small and large volumes.
Heat treatment is carried out in Typhoon-Profi furnaces in a stream of hot air, which allows to reduce the amount of carcinogen in the product, as well as to achieve uniform roasting and preservation of the structure.

Salting and the introduction of flavoring into the product occurs by the method of evacuation. This technology provides 100% penetration of brine into the product.
How to order a service
  • 1 Leave a request for roasting and our specialist will contact you
  • 2 Come to our company with a trial batch of the product, or send the test batch of the product to the transport company
  • 3 Together with specialists we conduct test roasting
  • 4 Try and analyze the quality of the finished product
  • 5 Make a decision on cooperation and sign a contract for us to provide processing services for your products
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