• Installation VDV-500 (equipped with the feeding transporter)
  • Installation VDV-500 (equipped with the feeding transporter)
Production capacity
  • Sunflower seeds
    500 kg/h
  • Nuts
    500 kg/h
Batch size capacity
80 kg
Line composition
  1. Feeding hopper
  2. Feeding conveyor
  3. Mesh container
  4. Vacuum tank
  5. Brine preparation tank
  6. Rinsing tank
  7. Electric hoist
Feeding hopper
Feeding conveyor
Mesh container
Vacuum tank
Brine preparation tank
Rinsing tank
Electric hoist
Installation VDV-500 (equipped with the feeding transporter)
  • Production capacity
    up to 800 kg/h
  • Electricity consumption
    4,5 kW
  • Compressed air use, max
    10-15 l/min
  • Recommended compressed air use
    4-6 atm

Development of taste qualities of the product                                

In the process of intensive water-soluble food agents (by way of vacuum replacement) you will get the product with the desired taste qualities! Whether to increase sweetness or develop the unique taste of the product, VDV-500 has been developed for such technological operations. This method will allow you to substantially save time of the process in comparison with the traditional form of soaking and subsequent drying the products.

Increased shelf life                                           

To increase shelf life, add dissolved salt and sodium bicarbonate by small portions to the product. Salt plays a role of a preserving agent while sodium bicarbonate prevents oxidation process during storing. Commonly known, the lengthier the shelf life is, the less chances is there to get the product returned.

Quality and technology                                                

The whole process of vacuum processing of the products is strictly automated. Mechanisms for pumping-in and –out of the solution are made of chemicals resisting materials. Valves equipped with the air-operated drives and pipes are made of stainless steel. An additional cistern made to rinse the products allows cleaning solution from the products’ surface without eliminating it from the inside of the products.