Production capacity
  • Coffee
    45 kg/h
  • Maximum consistency roasting
  • Easy to maintain
  • Different roast profiles
  • Cancerogen reduction
  • Roasting in hot air
  • Consulting and training
  • Gas/electricity based heating
Batch size capacity
1-9 kg
30 kg/h
Roast time
5-8 minutes
Line composition
  1. Feeding hopper
  2. Roasting zone
  3. Cooling tray
Feeding hopper
Roasting zone
Cooling tray
Typhoon 9 hybrid

Choose your preferred amount of heat transfer!

More convection or more conduction? You decide.

Сhoose among 3 options: 10% drum and 90 fluid-bed, 50% drum and 50% fluid-bed, 70% drum and 30% fluid-bed​. ​Apply heat for perfect bean color consistency ​using 2​ ​different ways of mixing: ​airflow and drum blades. Shipment set Included with the roaster are replaceable drum blades of various thicknesses. By changing your drum blades​, you can ​adjust drum heat transfer. For instance, 2mm drum blades accumulate ​a ​low amount of heat ​- the main source being airflow. Conversely, ​6mm drum blades accumulate a lot of heat thus excluding the necessity to apply airflow.

Easy cleaning and service

Gain full access to the most remote areas of the machine for ​the cleaning ​of chaff and by-products.

To open ​the​ roaster, you ​only need ​a​ few seconds. Cleaning can be done ​effectively b​etween shifts since the main filter screen can be easily removed and rid of by-products. In doing so, you can avoid the effect of a dirty drum ​which causes ​an ​unsavory smoky smell.

  • Dimensions
    1950 х 2300 х 1050
  • Weight
  • Heating power (gas burner version)
    45 kW
  • Heating power (electric version)
    30 kW
  • Gas consumption
    3 m3/h
  • Total consumption (gas burner version)
    12 kW
  • Total consumption (electric version version)
    42 kW
  • Voltage
    380-400 V