Production capacity
  • Coffee
    13 kg/h
  • Maximum consistency roasting
  • Easy to maintain
  • Different roast profiles
  • Cancerogen reduction
  • Roasting in hot air
  • Consulting and training
Batch size capacity
2.5 kg
up to 12,5 kg/h
Roast time
5-8 minutes
Line composition
  1. Feeding hopper
  2. Roasting zone
  3. Cooling tray
  4. Control display
Feeding hopper
Roasting zone
Cooling tray
Control display
Typhoon 2.5 shoproaster

Have you got a dream of turning your coffeeshop into a roastery?

Typhoon 2.5 SHOPROASTER will help you demonstrate the amazing process of coffee roasting to your customers! In your roastery you can effectively manage processes of coffee bean roasting while you and your customers will always enjoy freshly roasted coffee imported from all around the world!

Transparent roast drum to visualize the process of coffee roasting

Our coffee roasters can turn roasting into a show!

We install transparent glass drums inside our coffee roasters to show your customers the process of coffee roasting! It is especially effective to demonstrate while roasting on fluid-bed coffee roasters.



Add uniqueness to your model

Customize RAL color of any Typhoon roasters.

Classic design includes 3 colors: decorative panels are colored in gold, cooling table and door is in black, and the mainframe is designed according to your preferences. The additional option provides a possibility to fully design your model to your taste.

Order ​a ​laser cut of your company logo to be placed ​on the side door of your coffee roaster ​to​ emphasize your company individuality.

Fluid-bed coffee roasting

The method of utilizing high airflow alongside a heat source to suspend beans is the most effective way of roasting due to the significant decrease in bean defects produced such as tipping, scorching and charring. at more than 80% in comparison to a traditional drum roasting method. Alongside providing a cleaner taste, Typhoon roasters will allow you to save twice as much time and obtain the results required for specialty coffee roasting.

  • Dimensions
    1367 х 1664 х 1008
  • Weight
    277 kg
  • Heating power
    9 kWt
  • Total consumption
    12 kWt
  • Voltage
    380 V