• Typhoon-2 Raptor 750
  • Typhoon-2 Raptor 750
  • Typhoon-2 Raptor 750
  • Typhoon-2 Raptor 750
Production capacity
  • Sunflower seeds
    750 kg/h
  • Nuts
    500 kg/h
  • Beans
    700 kg/h
  • Spices
    600 kg/h
Model description

in this line, the frying module does not have a traditional drum, which allows you to fully use the frying chamber.

The time of pouring the product into the cooler is no more than 7 seconds, while in the previous generation of furnaces, this time is 35-40 seconds, which, to a large extent, improves the uniformity of roasting.

The roaster also has two temperature sensors: lower and upper. The lower sensor shows the temperature of the coolant air, the upper one is installed in the "boiling" zone of the product, which allows the most effective control over the accuracy of the product temperature.

The control panel is taken out separately, so the electronics are spared from heating and vibration.

Новая система самоочистки верхней сетки фильтра в 5-6 раз снижает трудоемкость по очистке печи.

The entire structure, including the furnace frame, is made of food-grade stainless steel, which avoids the appearance of corrosion foci in the welding areas of the inner skin and frame.

  • Maximum consistency roasting
  • Full automated processes
  • Easy to maintain
  • Different roast profiles
  • Cancerogen reduction
  • Gas/electricity based heating
  • Roasting in hot air
  • Consulting and training
Batch size capacity
75-85 kg
Line composition
  1. Feeding hopper *
  2. Roasting zone
  3. Cyclone
  4. Cooling tray
  5. Service platform
Feeding hopper *
Roasting zone
Cooling tray
Service platform
Typhoon-2 Raptor 750
  • * - Возможна комплектация с мешалкой
  • Gas burner power (gas burner version)
    200 kW
  • Burner model
    ELCO Vectron G2.200
  • Gas connection
    Rp 1 1/4`
  • Gas pressure at the inlet
    30-120 mBar
  • Maximum consumption of natural gas
    20 m3/h
  • Average consumption of natural gas
    17 m3/h
  • Maximum consumption of liquefied gas
    18 l/h
  • Average consumption of liquefied gas
    15,5 l/h
  • Total consumption (gas burner version)
    50 kW
  • Total consumption (electric version)
    250 kW

A unique method

In profile furnaces, TYPHOON frying takes place inside a cylindrical drum, from the bottom of which hot air is supplied at a given temperature. The product is intensively mixed - a pseudo-boiling process occurs. This method allows you to achieve maximum uniformity when roasting sunflower seeds, provided that the temperature is 20-30°C lower than in static. As a result, a more pronounced taste is achieved, trace elements are preserved and the formation of harmful carcinogens is reduced.

Control over the process

All processes from loading and frying to cooling and unloading are strictly automated and carried out according to a given profile. The computer's memory is designed for 100 different profiles. The technologist selects a unique profile (enters the product heating parameters) and then the furnace works stably according to the program from batch to batch. All quantitative and graphical indicators are displayed on the touch screen. the operator has the ability to monitor the real-time schedule showing the process of frying nuts, as well as quickly make changes and adjustments. One operator can serve up to 5 lines! All furnaces also have remote access to monitor the process outside the workshop.

Easy to maintain

The equipment is designed in such a way as to provide easy access to all internal parts of the furnace, in which dust, husks and other foreign impurities can accumulate. It takes no more than 15 minutes to carry out the mandatory daily cleaning of the entire installation, including the air movement zones.