Production capacity
  • Sunflower seeds
    2000 kg/h
Line composition
  1. Twin cistern
  2. Service platform
  3. Feeding conveyor
  4. Reverse conveyor
Twin cistern
Service platform
Feeding conveyor
Reverse conveyor
Twin cistern for presoaking bnc

Cisterns fall into the category of temporal for non-stop products supply in automated lines, intermediary for providing of even in-load of products into the technological lines and final for brief storing of roasted or processed product and subsequent packing the products.

Our company manufactures cisterns out of non-ferrous and ferrous metals both in mass and individual productions.

  • Ёмкость
    3,3 cbm
  • Material
    food stainless steel
  • Frame metal
    stainless steel
  • Weight
    360 kg
  • Integration cycles
    1 or 2 per 180 gr
  • Integration window dimensions
    150х100 mm
  • Valves
  • Height of un-load
    820 mm