Production capacity
  • Coffee
    400 kg/h
  • Easy to maintain
  • Consulting and training
Batch size capacity
25-50 kg
up to 400 kg/h
Line composition
  1. Loading and unloading product
  2. Control panel
Loading and unloading product
Control panel
Coffee mixer

Your ideal coffee blends

Create a 99% consistency in 5 minutes!

The technology of mixing coffee in Typhoon Coffee Mixer is simple and effective. While rotating the product in the angle of the inclined ax, Coffee Mixer delicately moves coffee beans all around the drum to mix it. This method will create high efficiency and quality result in coffee mixing. An easy way of hopping coffee beans and dropping the blend will both exclude the loss of product and reduce your operator’s efforts.

Functionality and efficiency

Automated process, time scheduling, best materials and spare parts!

You can say from first sight that Typhoon Coffee Mixer has very simple functionality to it but we have approached the stage of coffee processing with meticulous analysis of the needs of coffee roaster masters. As a result, our coffee mixers achieve 99% mixing consistency in blends while offering a get-the-edge scope of functions such as:
- smooth rotation cycle
- work timer
- variable speed drive regulator
- three-phase engine with power consumption of 0,75 kW

It is important to mention that the construction is made of high-quality stainless steel.

  • Voltage
    380 V
  • Total consumption
    0,75 kW
  • Weight (depends of model)
    180 / 250 kg
  • Dimensions
    1723 х 1220 х 1789