Production capacity
  • Sunflower seeds
    600 kg/h
  • Easy to maintain
  • Consulting and training
Batch size
200 kg
Line composition
  1. Feeding hopper
  2. Feeding conveyor
  3. Polishing drum
  4. Aspirating tray
Feeding hopper
Feeding conveyor
Polishing drum
Aspirating tray
Machine for sunflower seeds polishing

Machine for sunflower seeds polishing easily removes mud-oil layer without soaking the product with moister which usually increases time of its processing, energy resources consumption and diminishes its shelf-life. After processing, clean and polished sunflower seeds don’t soil hands and packing materials. Polished sunflower seeds significantly decrease the process of deposition in the roast cameras, have better taste qualities and can be preserved longer. During preserving, rancid taste develops several times slower. This equipment can be launched autonomously and in-line with other machines.

  • Total consumption
    2,2 kW