• Typhoon 2 - Raptor 1500
  • Typhoon 2 - Raptor 1500
Production capacity
  • Sunflower seeds
    1500 kg/h
  • Nuts
    1000 kg/h
  • Beans
    1400 kg/h
  • Spices
    1300 kg/h
Model description

This particular roaster is not equipped with a roast drum which allows using the roast camera at the fullest.
Dropping loose products to the cooling table takes only 7 seconds while older versions used 35-40 seconds. This new feature will drastically increase roast consistency.
Roast camera has the upper and lower thermal bars. The lower thermal bar measures heat temperature of the air in the inlet while the upper thermal bar is placed within levitation zone of the product which allows most accurate control over temperature regulation.
Software control unit and electric cabinet are placed separately from the roaster to prevent overheating and vibration. The aspirative channel is equipped with the inverse cone cyclone for better filtering experience.
Self-cleansing system of the upper filter grid within the roast camera will reduce time and efforts for roaster cleaning in 5-6 times.
The whole frame is made of stainless steel to prevent corrosion on the brinks of welded encasing and bearing constructive.

  • Roasting in hot air
  • Consulting and training
  • Easy to maintain
  • Maximum consistency roasting
  • Full automated processes
  • Gas/electricity based heating
  • Different roast profiles
  • Cancerogen reduction
Batch size capacity
100-150 kg
Line composition
  1. Feeding hopper
  2. Roasting zone
  3. Control display
  4. Cooling tray
Feeding hopper
Roasting zone
Control display
Cooling tray
Typhoon 2 - Raptor 1500
  • Gas burner power (gas burner version)
    250 kW
  • Burner model
    ELCO Vectron G2.250
  • Gas connection
    Rp 3/4`
  • Gas pressure at the inlet
  • Maximum consumption of natural gas
    25 куб.м/ч
  • Average consumption of natural gas
    22 куб.м/ч
  • Maximum consumption of liquefied gas
    22,8 л/ч
  • Average consumption of liquefied gas
    19,7 л/ч
  • Total consumption (gas burner version)
    60 кВт
  • Total consumption (electric version)
    300 kW

Unique method                                                                          

Roasting process of Typhoon roasters takes place within a cylindrical drum from below of which a hot air stream is supplied. Loose products are consistently mixed while boiling in the air of pre-set temperature. This method allows achieving maximum consistency while roasting sunflower seeds under condition that temperature is 20-30 C lower than in statics. Therefore, a more expressed taste is achieved, microelements are conserved and development of harmful cancirogens is reduced.

Control over the process                                                                 

All processes starting from loading-in and ending in cooling are strictly automated and are run in accordance to a preset profile. Computer memory allows creating and saving 100 different profiles into history. Roaster master selects unique parameters for roasting and then can use the profile for repetitive roasts. All quantity and graphic indicators are shown on a touch-screen. One roaster master can operate 5 roasters! All roasters can be controlled remotely.

Easy to maintain                                   

The equipment is constructed in such a way as to provide easy access to inner parts of a roaster where chaff, dust or other by-products may collect over time. To conduct mandatory cleanse each shift including those areas in which air works, one will use less than 15 minutes.