Production capacity
  • Crackers
    350 kg/h
  • Roasting in hot air
  • Consulting and training
  • Easy to maintain
  • Maximum consistency roasting
  • Full automated processes
  • Gas/electricity based heating
  • Different roast profiles
  • Cancerogen reduction
Batch size
30-40 kg
Line composition
  1. Roasting zone
  2. Cooling tray
  3. Feeding conveyor
  4. Drying unit CH 1-4-2 *
Roasting zone
Cooling tray
Feeding conveyor
Drying unit CH 1-4-2 *
Typhoon 2 - Super
  • * - Опционально

Roasting takes place in a “boiling bed” within rotating rotor in which clean hot air is supplied. There are several technical solutions to the rotor construction which allow delicate elimination of mixture of oil vapor, dust, chaff, hollow and half-hollow and fusty sunflower seeds. This rubbish is then collected to the filtration system.
Roaster construction provides easy access for cleansing which can be done during daily shifts for 5-7 minutes. To get the access to the inside of the roaster will take only 10 seconds while cleansing can be conducted with brush or a vacuum cleaner.

Roast features: while roasting, stack gases are supplied to the roast camera increasing drastically roast efficiency of the machine with oxygen level heavily reduced in the area of roasting. Therefore, oxidation process is slowed and consequently shelf life of the products is prolonged significantly. Harmless CO2 and fumes remain while gases are burnt.

Non-stop in-loading and un-loading loose products are conducted to the sealed camera without it losing the heat. Thick thermo-insulating layer excludes outer heat loss, excessive gas and energy consumption.

Roaster effectiveness

Instead of using a gas burner, you can pre-order electric heating units with power consumption increasing up to 60 kW per hour. Efficiency of using gas burners in comparison to electric heating units will result in saving of 23 300 USD per year while working 20 hours each 5 days of the working week under condition of roasting sunflower seeds 260 kg per hour. To compare with other electric roasters, the difference is dramatic. This estimate doesn’t include expenses for electric roaster maintenance, electric units’ replacement and their cost as well as idle time of the machine during repairing and maintenance.

  • Production capacity
    up to 500 kg/h
  • Gas burner manufacturer
    VECTRON G 2.140
  • Gas burner output
    85-140 kW
  • Natural gas consumption, max
    12 cbm/h
  • Natural gas consumption, average
    10 cbm/h
  • Liquefied gas consumption, max
    10 l/h
  • Liquefied gas consumption, average
    7-8 l/h
  • Energy consumption
    27 kW
  • Roast frame dimensions
    2120 х 2070 х 1170