• 01 Product Type
  • 02 Production capacities
  • 03 Options
  • 04 Packaging
  • 05 Automation
  • 06 Room
  • 07 Energy Source
01 Product Type
Select a product type:
Select a product type:
02 Production capacities
Indicate the planned output of the processed product:
Indicate the output of the processed product
03 Options
04 Packaging
What kind of package are you interested in?:
You can choose more than one type of package and different dosage for each type:
05 Automation
Process automation:
For maximum automation, feed conveyors are needed.:
06 Room
Are there production facilities?:
06 Room
Indicate the dimensions of the room:
The more data we have, the more accurately we will calculate the project.:
07 Energy Source
What energy source do you plan to use?:
Proposal sent
We will contact you shortly
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