for processing: nuts, seeds, beans
complete product list
  • halved roasting time
  • 80% fewer defects
Plug-and-produce factories
  • Unique technologies
  • Equipment according to your parameters
  • Specialist training
Years on the market place
Countries of our presence
Factories with our equipment


  • Full automated processes

    All the processes starting from loading in to roasting and cooling loose products are strictly automated and are conducted in accordance to the software values controlled by a microchip

  • Individual solutions

    Our team will be ready to assist in choosing the right equipment for your production purposes

  • Gas or electricity based heat source

    Our roasters can be equipped with both with gas burners and electric heat units. Hybrid versions are also available

  • Unique technologies

    Roasting loose products is conducted based on an advantageous patented technology which is the unique finding of our specialists

  • Consistent roasting

    The roasting process takes place within a cylindrical drum, from below of which a hot air flow of pre-set temperature is supplied. Maximum consistency is achieved

  • Consulting and training

    Our team will assist you starting from sealing of the contract and up to testing sample batches on your equipment. We provide training and consulting on all questions you may have


  • All equipment
  • Roasting lines
  • The introduction of flavoring
  • Raw Material Cleaning
  • Product drying
Roasting and salting services using modern equipment
Processing of seeds and nuts takes place in Typhoon-2 furnaces. The process takes place in a stream of hot air, due to which the carcinogen volume in the product decreases and uniform frying is achieved without violating the structure of the raw material. Salting and the introduction of flavoring into the product occurs by the method of evacuation. This technology provides 100% penetration of brine into the product.
More details
  • Roasting
  • Salting
  • Flavoring
  • Extension of storage periods

Our customers


  • We have bought Typhoon-2 a couple of months ago for use with sunflower seeds processing. We are very glad to have full control over the processes in roasting. Quality and price for the equipment are good. Thank you!
  • Our company has purchased Typhoon-2 Profi Mini to roast nuts. The machines suits this purpose very well. The parameters and efficiency of the roaster are quite good. Roasts quality is fine, the whole batch can be roasted during just 15 minutes. Thank you very much!
  • We got acquainted in detail with Typhoon machines in Moscow exhibition show last year. We liked the unusual approach to roasting sunflower seeds. When we realized that the professional fluid-bed roasting machines have many advantages over the traditional drum roasters, we decided to purchase one for ourselves. We haven’t miscalculated. Our roaster has been working for more than half a year now, we can’t complain.
  • We were talking to representatives of the same profile companies and they praised Typhoon roasters casually. I took a note and got interested. When I learnt more about the roasters, I was impressed by the wide range of options and possibilities to create near any type of roast profiles! Sunflower seeds are roasted evenly within the setting. Taste and color are marvelous. I’m very thankful!Семечки в установке обжаривается равномерно. Цвет и вкус - превосходные. Очень благодарен компании-производителю!
  • I feel pride for the home-produced manufacturers. I was amazed to learn that such machines as Typhoon 2 Profi Super are produced here in Russia. Fine productivity, excellent quality of roasting of sunflower seeds
  • Пользуемся купленным оборудованием уже четыре месяца. Особенно комфортны функции удалённого доступа и охлаждение обжаренной продукции. Рекомендуем производителя - установка сделана на совесть!
Factory in the city of Voronezh, productivity - 1200 kg per hour
Factory in the city of Nizhny Novgorod, productivity - 1500 kg per hour
Factory in the city of Samara, productivity - 1000 kg per hour
Production of equipment and & nbsp; snack products
Stavropol Krai, Vyazniki, 100 Pervomayskaya str. (45.198567, 41.978550)
Mon.-Fr., 8.00 to 17.00
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